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Système d'évacuation de fumée portable Système d'évacuation de fumée YSESU-X300

YSESU-X300 Smoke Vac est facile à utiliser et il est facile de remplacer le filtre. L'élément filtrant à haute efficacité maximise la durée de fonctionnement du filtre dans le but d'assurer la sécurité de l'utilisateur. Le filtre peut durer 25 heures.
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Système d'évacuation de fumée portable Système d'évacuation de fumée YSESU-X300

YSESU-X300 Smoke Vac is easy to operate, and it is easy to replace the filter. The high-efficiency filter element maximizes the running time of the filter under the premise of ensuring user safety. The filter can last for 25 hours. The front LED screen can display suction power, delay time, foot switch usage, high and low gear switching prompts, prompts for on/off status, etc.
Sound insulation and low noise
YSESU-X300 smoke purifier introduces low-noise motor technology and perfectly designed sealing technology. Even in High mode, it is one of the quieter smoke exhaust systems on the market.
In the default operation mode, the YSESU-X300 running sound is only 43 decibels, which is equivalent to the background noise of the library. The system is also quite quiet (65 decibels only) when operating at full load in the High mode, with a suction volume of up to 76 cubic feet per minute (CFM).
Efficient and durable filter
The filter of this machine is made of ultra-large mesh carbon membrane (VLSI) of 0.12 micron ULPA grade carbon powder, and the efficiency can reach 99.9995%, which is 100 times that of the HEPA filter. The external filter is extremely easy to replace!
Filter monitoring function promptly remind relevant personnel to replace the filter to ensure the safety of medical staff
High and low shift button
If necessary, please press the high and low shift key, the operator can quickly increase the suction power.
Three working modes
Auto-sensing mode (synchronize with high-frequency surgical systems of various brands to work together), auto mode and pedal mode


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new generation digital smoke evacuator system



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